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Fenway Park Tickets
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Fenway Park Tickets
Ordering Fenway Park Tickets is simple. Order online or over the phone. For online ordering, click on the 'Fenway Park Tickets' links below. To order over the phone, please call us at 800.725.0112. We are dedicated to providing you with premium seats for all Fenway Park Events. We are your number one ticket broker for all Fenway Park Tickets

Fenway Park, Home of the Boston Red Sox
We sell Fenway Park tickets. Empire Tickets is your ticket broker for all Fenway Park events. Fenway Park is home to the Boston Red Sox. We welcome feedback! Please call or email our offices if there is any way we can make your online purchase easier. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction so we can develop a life-long relationship with our customers. For specific questions on seating, sections, rows and other general seating info, please contact us or the venue directly.

Detailed Seating Chart / Venue Map for Fenway Park
Click to enlarge

Fenway Park Address
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA  02215

Fenway Park Info
The stadium is most famous for the left field wall called "Green Monster". Constructed in 1934, the 37-foot (11.3 m) high wall is 240 feet long, has a 22-foot deep foundation, and was constructed from 30,000 pounds of Toncan iron. Previously, a 23-1/2-foot tall screen protected cars and pedestrians on Lansdowne Street. However, the screen was replaced with more seating atop the Green Monster (in an attempt to squeeze in as many seats as possible in Fenway).
The wall measures only 310 feet (94.5 m) from home plate down the left field line (See Duffy's Cliff). See comments below about the original measurement.
During the 1934 remodeling, the left-field scoreboard was added, and is one of two remaining original manual scoreboards in professional baseball (the other being at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois). Running vertically down the scoreboard, between the columns of out-of-town scores, are the initials "TAY" and "JRY" displayed in Morse code; a memorial to former Red Sox owners Thomas A. Yawkey and Jean R. Yawkey.

In 1947, advertisements covering the left field wall were painted over using green paint, which gave rise to the "Green Monster" moniker. Prior advertisements were: the Calvert Brewery's owl mascot ("Be Wise",) Gem razor blades ("Avoid 5 O'Clock Shadow",) Lifebuoy soap ("The Red Sox Use It!",) and Vimms vitamins ("Get that Vimms Feeling!").

In 1975, the wall was remodeled and an electronic scoreboard installed, and manual scoreboard changed to only show out-of-town scores from other American League games. In 1976, the tin panels in the wall were replaced by a Formica-type panel which resulted in more consistent caroms and less noise when balls hit the wall. In 2003, National League scores returned; American League East division standings were first displayed in 2005.
Seating Made Simple
General Info
  • Children 2 and under do not need a ticket for admission.
  • Handicapped seating is located throughout the park.
  • Alcohol-free Family sections are located in the Grandstands, sections 32 and 33.
  • Some areas of Fenway Park have covered seating. All Grandstand sections and the infield Roof Boxes are covered.
  • There are 2 Levels of seating at Fenway Park. The first level contains the Field Boxes, Loge Boxes, and Grandstand sections. The second level contains the Roof Boxes, Press Box, .406 Club, and Upper Suites.
  • Seat numbers run right to left in all sections.
  • The Red Sox dugout sits along the right field line, below Field Boxes 22 - 28. The Visitors dugout sits along the left field line, below Field Boxes 61 - 68.
  • Row I and II are omitted in all sections with lettered rows. The sections with lettered rows include Field Boxes, Loge Boxes and Roof Boxes.
  • Grandstand and Bleacher sections have numbered rows.
  • Field Boxes sit directly on the field, sections 8 - 82. There are 12 rows in these sections.
  • Loge Boxes sit behind the Field Boxes, sections 98 - 165. There are 12 rows in these sections.
  • Right Field Boxes are located down the right field line, next to the Field and Loge Boxes. Sections 1A - 7, 92 - 93 and 86 - 87 sit directly on the field. Sections 88 - 91 and 94 - 97 sit along the Loge level. These sections contain 12 - 30 rows, depending on the section.
  • Grandstand sections sit behind the Loge Boxes, sections 1 - 33. They contain 15 - 20 rows, depending on the section.
  • Roof Boxes sit on the 2nd level. Boxes along the right field line have odd-numbered sections, 1 - 43. Boxes along the left field line have even-numbered sections, 2 - 20. They contain 5 rows.
  • The Bleachers sit in the outfield, sections 34 - 43. They contain up to 50 rows, depending on the section.
  • The Green Monster is located in left field. The Green Monster is a large green wall with seating on top containing sections 1 - 10. Here there are 3 rows, with Standing Room Only areas available behind them. However, Green Monster SRO tickets are different from the general SRO tickets. General SRO tickets will not get you access to the Green Monster.

Upper Suites
  • Located along the right and left field lines on the Roof Box level.
  • Accommodates 20 people and includes a television, private restroom, customized menu and personal attendant.

L-13 Suite
  • Located on the lower suite level behind Grandstand sections 28 and 29.
  • Accommodates 30 people and includes televisions, a private restroom, customized menu and personal attendant.

.406 Club
  • Semi-private club located above the lower level behind home plate
  • Includes fine dining, private bar and indoor, stadium seating.
  • Blue Jeans are not allowed.

How Sections Made Be Labeled On Our Website

Field Boxes - FB, Field, FBox, Fld Box, FBX, or FieldBx.
Loge Boxes - Loge Box, Loge, LGBX, or LOBX
*Some Loge Box seats are labeled with two numbers, i.e. 30Box159. This means Loge Box 159, located underneath Grandstand 30.
Roof Boxes - Roof
Right Field Boxes - RFB, RFBox
Grandstand - GRAND, GS or G
Bleachers - Bleacher, BLCH, BL or BLCHR

Seating Made Simple™

Hottest Seats - Field Boxes 9 - 82. The best seats in the house, these premier seats are close to the field and all the action. Plus, there are only 12 rows in these sections, so you are truly never to far from the game. If you have the money, this is the ultimate way to catch a Red Sox game.

Great Seats - Loge Boxes 98 - 165, Roof Boxes 1 - 43, and Green Monster sections 1 - 10. The Loge Boxes sit directly behind the Field Boxes and also contain 12 rows, so you are still pretty darn close to the field. Sitting in the Roof Boxes gives you a slightly elevated view of the action, so you have a better view of the entire field. However, it is advised to sit closer to home plate. If a one of a kind experience is what you want, go for seats in the Green Monster. But seats here are limited, so they are usually pretty expensive.

Good Seats - Right Field Boxes 1A - 7 and 86 - 97, and Grandstand sections 1 - 33. Carrying a lower price tag, the Right Field Box seats keep you close to the field and put you right in the middle of foul ball territory. Grandstand sections are slightly higher than the Field Boxes, so it is advised to sit closer to home plate. Also watch out for tickets marked "Obstructed View", as some Grandstand seats are obstructed by the large poles that support the second level.

Economy Seats - Bleachers sections 34 - 35. If experiencing a Red Sox game is all that matters, these are the seats for you. The atmosphere in the Bleacher sections can be pretty rowdy, so you're guaranteed to have a good time if that's your cup of tea.

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